I tend to go by Tori 

But you can call me Vick

If you want to see my face

I’m in that pic

I take inspiration from nature 

If you hadn’t noticed 

Animals and landscapes 

Are on my painting list

You’ll find me in Sheffield

With my family

A man, a dog, a daughter

Who’s almost three! (Flippin’ heck)

And then I gave up on that poem vibe. Here’s a bit more about me in a traditional I do this I like that kind of way…

I paint things with Goache. The past year I’ve been experimenting with things a bit more which is fun and helps keep things fresh - in my mind at the very least!

I speak before I think, can be a bit blunt, believe that sarcasm is an acceptable form of communication, ask questions other people might find awkward, and never mean to offend (so sorry if I do), it’s just how my brain works! At least no one can call me dishonest eh? If I don’t like your new haircut I just won’t mention it.

I could stare at the stars forever, I love a sea horizon wide enough to see the curve of the earth, views from high up places, really loud, live music where you can dance in the crowd as badly as you like (or as well as you are able), walking through a busy city street going unnoticed but noticing just how big the buildings are. I love that feeling of feeling so small and insignificant in the grand scheme of the universe. Because after all, we are just stardust at the end of the day ✨