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Day at the Zoo XL Fabric Height Chart

Day at the Zoo XL Fabric Height Chart

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Introducing the Day at the Zoo XL Fabric Height Chart ! This height chart will make a fun and lovely addition to your child's bedroom or playroom. This new chart can measure their growth from 50cm up to 202cm (or 6'7") tall! This bigger chart was designed to make it fun to measure all of the family.


You can measure them in both feet and inches, and centimeters, the choice is yours. This chart features a range of animals you might find on a tour around a wonderful zoo, all originally hand painted in goache paint, with facts about each animals height.


With them being printed on fabric there may be slight discrepancies in the scale due to the processes fabric has to go through to set the design, but I'm doing all I can for them to be as accurate as is possible! They will always be more accurate the higher up the chart your child grows as they are hung to the right height.


The design is printed on 100% cotton with a 1/2 panama weave, for added quality, and are hemmed all the way round. They are then hung with wooden dowel and faux suede cord. Another piece of dowel at the bottom to weigh it down.


The dowels can be removed incase you need to wash the chart. The fabric part is machine washable.


When your chart arrives, you will need to measure the correct height from the ground and match it up with the heights marked on the chart to make sure you're meassuring the correct height. I lightly iron each chart before I package them but after being rolled, they could probably do with another iron on the steam setting, or a steamer whilst hanging up. 


Appoximate Dimensions

Fabric: 31.5cm x 169cm

Top dowel (cord is attached to this to hang): 35.5cm


Charts will be rolled and packaged into a cardboard triangular tube to keep nice and safe until it gets to you!


Designed by Victoria Whiteley

Made in the UK

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